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Club Details

Website: www.obk.org.nz
Email: admin@obk.org.nz
Clubhouse Phone: 06 874 7875

The End of Ocean Beach Road
Ocean Beach
Hawkes Bay

Postal Address: P O Box 679










Our People

Chairman Richard Wilson chair@obk.org.nz
Secretary Sue Kay office@obk.org.nz
Treasurer Pilar Kruger finance@obk.org.nz
Club Captain Jacob Crawley lifeguarding@obk.org.nz
Director of Sport Emma Akeripa sport@obk.org.nz
Director of Life guarding Matt Mannington lifeguarding@obk.org.nz
Director of Junior Surf Nigel Messervy juniorsurf@obk.org.nz
Property Manager Jonathan Doyle property@obk.org.nz
Ocean Athlete Manager Alison Prins juniorsurf@obk.org.nz
Surf Canoe Captain Lenny Kay sport@obk.org.nz
Surf Boat Captain Matt Mannington lifeguarding@obk.org.nz
Committee Member Kate Boersen board@obk.org.nz
Committee Member Dom Morris board@obk.org.nz
Committee Member Wayne Robinson