Patrol Roster

Here is the roster for the 2020/2021 season.  A few points to note:

  1. The patrols look really strong with a good combination of experienced and new guards and a really strong reserves list.
  2. If you have been put on a patrol, but you won't be able to help out this summer, please let me know so that I can update the roster.   Also let the Director of Lifeguarding know if you know someone who wants to patrol, but hasn't been put on the roster.
  3. The guards to be qualified in the next few weeks are highlighted.
  4. During the season if you cannot make your patrol, the onus is on you to either find a replacement or let your patrol captain know well beforehand so that he or she can arrange a replacement.
  5. Feel free to join any of the other patrols if you want to build up your hours.   The more guards we have on patrol on any given day, the better.  All help will be appreciated.

We encourage you to use the clubhouse as much as possible this summer so please make the most of the facilities and stay at the club as much as you like.  If you have any issues with gaining access, don't hesitate to contact someone on the committee. Remember though that if you are under 18, your parents will have to consent to you staying overnight at the club house as we cannot guarantee that there will always be an adult present.  The consent forms/information is on the website.