200 Metre Safety Test

For safety reasons, we strive to have the children demonstrate that they are confident in the ocean and are capable of returning to shore if they are separated from their equipment. Each year, the children are asked to attempt a timed 200 metre swim. 
The children must swim 200 metres (using any stroke competently) in either ocean (within 9 minutes) or pool (within 7 minutes).  Following the 200m swim, the children must tread water for one minute.
We will hold 200 metre tests within the first few weeks of the season. The test must be passed before the children are allowed to compete in the competitive arena at carnivals. Children who do not pass the test can still compete in the land events in the competitive arena but they cannot compete in the surf events in the competitive arena.

Clothing and Equipment

At each session the children will need swimwear, a cap (retro pink) and possibly a wetsuit.  The weather can be cool before Christmas so extra gear can be handy.  Thermal shirts are great as well as wind breakers, beanies, towels, food and drink and a bag to carry your gear down to the beach.

All children entering the water will need to wear a club Hi-viz vest & a club cap (beanie) for safety reasons. Ideally they should also wear their OBK togs but that is not compulsory. The club has OBK togs, vests and caps available for purchase.