Mahia Camp 14-16 December 2018

Depart: Friday 14th 12.30pm from Kiwi Beach in Westshore
Return:  Sunday 16th approx. 5pm
Cost: $100 – Includes transport, gear, food, thank you gift


  • Bag of fresh fruit (to share, give to Emma before leaving)
  • Breakfast cereal (to share, give to Emma before leaving)
  • Pink Vest
  • Running shoes
  • Togs and towels
  • Sleeping bag and bed roll if you have one
  • Sun screen
  • Medications
  • Consent form

If anyone has any medical/health issues that we need to be aware of please let Emma Akeripa know at emma@premiumfitness.co.nz or 027 241 8400

Contact person Emma Akeripa 027 241 8400