Membership Subscriptions for 2016/17 season

These subscriptions cover membership of the club for all lifeguards, junior surf and associate members. This subscription entitles members to use the club's facilties and take part in some programmes (lifeguard courses, junior surf etc).


Junior Surf membership (U14s)

$60 per child

Senior membership (Lifeguard or Associates over 14 years old)

$70 per person

Family membership (Parents & school age children)

$120 per family

Surf Sport fees

Ocean Athlete programme fee

Craft Allocation fee (coach's discretion)

$50 per person

$50 per person (minimum)

Senior Sport programme fee (all competitive athletes)

Craft Allocation fee

$50 per person

$50 per person (minimum)

NOTE: These levies are for the 2016-17 season and go towards general club costs involved with coaching and gear maintenance.

All other competition fees are on a per event basis
i.e. Nationals and Ocean Athletes fees will be decided once an estimate of all costs have been taken into account and the fee will be set before athletes attend. See Surf Sport page for more information on these.

Members can set up an automatic payment to spread their subscriptions and away trip costs over the summer. Please email the club treasurer b.d.faulknor@xtra.co.nz to advise if an automatic payment is being set up, the amount and frequency.

Subscriptions can be paid by:

1. Internet Banking to:

Ocean Beach Kiwi Surf Life Saving Club
Westpac, Hastings Branch
Please put your name in the reference and notify the club treasurer, Bryan Faulknor b.d.faulknor@xtra.co.nz

2. Post cheque to:

Ocean Beach Kiwi SLSC
P O Box 679
Hastings 4156